Craft Spirit Spotlight- Deadman’s Fingers!

DEAD MANS SPICED RUM£3.2/£4.9 Where a blended rum meets exotic spices to create a unique and distinctive flavour profile. Those familiar with Saffron cake will certainly find a hint of that alongside notes of Pedro Ximénez Ice cream. Next comes a whisper of creamy caramel followed by vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and of course, those subtlyContinue reading “Craft Spirit Spotlight- Deadman’s Fingers!”

This Weeks New Guest Beers

Hoppy Thursday! Heres a quick look at this weeks beer list from Electric Bear, Vibrant Forest, Tiny Rebel, Frome Brewing Co and Meantime Brewing.   First Up – is Electric Bear Beyond the Clouds IPA – a 6.2% Wunderkid A restrained bitterness paired with a soft-as-a-cloud mouthfeel make this beer drink easier than mango juice! Unfined,Continue reading “This Weeks New Guest Beers”

this weeks guest list

Hey who’s thirsty? We’ve been busy racking, tapping and connecting this week- so just incase you haven’t had a chance to pop in here’s this weeks guest list Electric Bear-  ⚠️ N E W B E E R ⚠️⁠ THE FUTURE IS AN ILLUSION • 5.4% • Vienna Pale Ale •⁠ ⁠ Made with only ViennaContinue reading “this weeks guest list”

Our war on plastic

Being a sustainable business is a big part of our DNA, and goal to run a pub that makes a positive change. That’s why we source locally, offer many vegan options and always chose the most ethical, organic and higher welfare produce for our customers. We believe that the luxury of eating and drinking outContinue reading “Our war on plastic”