Book Now for Festive Feasting in Frome

Join us this December for Delicious festive versions of all of your favourite Griffin Dishes – including a festive poutine, epic Christmas Stack Burgers and TWO, yep two! Tasty vegan mains alongside the more standard festive pub fayre.

Griffin Pub Frome at Christmas

If you have visited the Griffin already , you will know ( hopefully!) that we are really passionate about sourcing and serving a sustainable menu as possible.

Part of that means as a business we have always been passionate about showcasing vegan food and ensuring vegans have choice when it comes to our menu.

So this Christmas our menu is no different.

We have two vegan starters- Baja Fried Cauliflower, picco de Gallo, Vegan Mayoand Sweet & Sticky Korean Vegan Fried Chicken wings 

Two Vegan Mains -A classic vegan Christmas Roast with all the trimmings and  our  Vegan Christmas Burger 

Plus three Vegan Puddings (yum)

All of this sits alongside our full menu of dirty burgers and Christmas classics making it the perfect venue for everyone this Christmas. 

Griffin Pub Frome Christmas Menu

book now for christmas


What is Poutine?

Our New Autumnn Menu Edit is now live. 

What is Poutine you ask?

Canadian Style Poutine at the Griffin Frome
L- R (ish) OG Canadian Poutine with extra Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Penleigh Farm Pulled Pork Poutine, Burger Chilli Cheese Fries and Chimichurri Steak Fries

If you haven’t already tried it – we recommend stopping what you are doing right now and running down for a bowl.

A dish hailing from Canada ( Quebec to be precise) Poutine is fries/chips and squeaky cheese curds (kinda cross between mozzarella and halloumi) covered in piping hot real gravy – which melts the cheese and gives it what poutine lovers call the squeak.

We have several varieties of poutine for you too try:

Og canadian style, which we can make veggie on request with our vegan onion gravy. 

Buttermilk Chicken Poutine- Fried authentic southern fried chicken.

These join our other classic loaded fries- Chilli Cheese Fries and our Staple Dirty fries.

All great on their own or super yummy as sneaky cheat day side to our delicious burgers and mains. 

Craft Beer Take Away

It’s not just our delicious food you can order to take away, we’ve just stocked up on a whole selection of Take Away Craft Beer Can’s.

We’ve got something for everyone including Gluten Free , Beavertown and Local Beers from Frome Brew Co & The Wild Beer

Perfect for get togethers or last minute gifts – Just 4 for £10 Take Away

Beavertown Gamma Ray and Neck Oil
First Chop Gluten Free Craft Beers
Wild Beer Nebula & Bibble

Over the Christmas Period we can offer special order on any of our stock lines. If you would like to find out more please contact us

Beer & Burger – Monday Nights £10

Canadian Style Poutine at the Griffin Frome
L- R (ish) OG Canadian Poutine with extra Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Penleigh Farm Pulled Pork Poutine, Burger Chilli Cheese Fries and Chimichurri Steak Fries

Its monday, its Quiz Night – I guess the only Question we have for you is which poutine are you going to add to our beer and a burger deal?

We couldn’t resist diving in to the Penleigh farm butchers pulled pork poutine , personally. (Do we get extra Quiz Points for alliteration?

Swing by for Beer and a Burger for Just £10 from 5pm every Monday

Thats any beer and any burger- Trade up to fries for £1.45 and Poutine for £3.45

Stick around for our Quiz from 8pm – we will have the fire roaring!

Craft Spirit Spotlight- Deadman’s Fingers!

Love Rum? Well that’s a silly question because we know you do. So we thought it was time to put a little effort in and share with you some of favourite rums on the spirit shelf and how to enjoy them.

This week we want to talk about Dead Man’s Fingers

Dead Man’s Fingers is a spiced rum created by the owners of Cornwall restaurant The Rum & Crab Shack. A blend of rums from Trinidad and Barbados that is aged for three years. Dead Man’s Fingers took a spiced rum, looked at what everyone else was doing, then did the opposite.⁠

We Serve Three Varieties of Dead Mans- Spiced, Hemp and Coconut. We developed some perfect serves for you try them out. Which you can find on our menu’s


Where a blended rum meets exotic spices to create a unique and distinctive flavour profile. Those familiar with Saffron cake will certainly find a hint of that alongside notes of Pedro Ximénez Ice cream. Next comes a whisper of creamy caramel followed by vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and of course, those subtly sweet undertones of orange.


f you love the tropical flavour of coconuts, then you’ll love this variation of Dead Man’s Fingers. Discover elements of juicy mango, raisins, runny caramel, coconut ice (of course) and a slight citrusy trace of lime peel  £3.8


Classic Caribbean rum with it’s exotic spices and ingeniously infused it with natural hemp and CBD. As you’d expect there are distict grassy herbal back-notes supported by a hint of cola, roasted waves of freshly percolated coffee, hops and a dash of pine..