What is Poutine?

Our New Autumnn Menu Edit is now live. 

What is Poutine you ask?

Canadian Style Poutine at the Griffin Frome
L- R (ish) OG Canadian Poutine with extra Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Penleigh Farm Pulled Pork Poutine, Burger Chilli Cheese Fries and Chimichurri Steak Fries

If you haven’t already tried it – we recommend stopping what you are doing right now and running down for a bowl.

A dish hailing from Canada ( Quebec to be precise) Poutine is fries/chips and squeaky cheese curds (kinda cross between mozzarella and halloumi) covered in piping hot real gravy – which melts the cheese and gives it what poutine lovers call the squeak.

We have several varieties of poutine for you too try:

Og canadian style, which we can make veggie on request with our vegan onion gravy. 

Buttermilk Chicken Poutine- Fried authentic southern fried chicken.

These join our other classic loaded fries- Chilli Cheese Fries and our Staple Dirty fries.

All great on their own or super yummy as sneaky cheat day side to our delicious burgers and mains. 


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