Our war on plastic

Being a sustainable business is a big part of our DNA, and goal to run a pub that makes a positive change. That’s why we source locally, offer many vegan options and always chose the most ethical, organic and higher welfare produce for our customers.

We believe that the luxury of eating and drinking out should not cost the planet, so we have been committed to reducing plastic use in our business from the outset.

We use non plastic biodegradable straws and non plastic biodegradable paper packaging for our take away orders.

We source our food locally, including bread and meat from venues walking distance from our pub (Rye Bakery – Penleigh Butchers).

We won’t buy plastic packaged drinks, only purchasing aluminium or glass which is infinitely recyclable

And in our pub we use biodegrable napkins, recycled tetrapak hand towels and loo rolls!

We are constantly looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly- we sell our nuts loose, will happily fill flaggons and are working on reducing plastic in all areas of our business. We even grow some of our own herbs and salad as these are the packaging culprits! We hope to continue do more to improve the sustainability of our business and will keep you updated on our progress!


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